Guidelines on the use of brand YouVoting

YouVoting allows its members, to a third party developers, partners and the media ("you") to use its name, trademarks, logos, web pages, frames, and other elements of its trademark ("Elements of the Mark ", the" Marks "or" logos "of YouVoting) only in limited circumstances and as specified in these guidelines. Using the marks YouVoting, you declare to adhere to these Guidelines and specifically to the requirements and conditions of use set out below. If you have a separate agreement with YouVoting with regard to the use of the brand YouVoting, that agreement will govern your use of the Marks of YouVoting.

1. Our Brands

YouVoting, the logo of "YouVoting" logos "Y" are registered trademarks or trademarks owned by YouVoting Ltd. and its subsidiaries in Italy and / or other countries. You should include this attribution, as applicable, other notices relating to copyright and trademark.

2. Use of the name "YouVoting"

When referring to our company, the full name is YouVoting srl. When referring to our services, the name of YouVoting should be written as one word.

3. The logos of YouVoting

Logos usable by users of YouVoting

As members of YouVoting, you can use the following downloadable logos to provide or indicate a link to your personal profile on the website of YouVoting or to a page of the company, media or group on the site of YouVoting or home page of YouVoting.

You can use words in association with logo "Y" to indicate a link to your profile, company or group, provided that: (i) the words displayed next to the logo "Y" are in a different font and color (in comparison to the logo "Y") and preferably black; and (ii) they comply with the rules of the free space provided in the Requirements and Conditions of Use. The examples of such use are shown in guideline of YouVoting .